Charpak supplies custom designed thermoformed plastic packaging to all levels of the automotive supply chain:  OEMs, Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers.

UK based, Charpak design and manufacture protective packaging and production aids for robotic automated lines, in line with industry 4.0. 

Protect sensitive electronics and high gloss, high value products during manufacture, in transit, and distribution between locations in protective packaging.

  • Reducing damage, spoilage and minimising product reworks
  • Reducing or eliminating unnecessary waste and costs 
  • Minimise handling enabling faster production and faster changeover times
  • Improved overall efficiency improving profitability

Charpak supports the automotive industry to meet EU targets in reducing environmental impact, improvements in CO2 emissions and contributing to reducing organisations’ carbon footprint.

Charpak can work to support a complete closed loop system. 

All Charpak's packaging contains recyclate material and is manufactured with a minimum of 50% post-consumer waste.

Charpak is a design driven company whose innovative products with multiple patents mark the company out as we can make a difference to your business. Tooling is produced in-house from a rapid prototyping facility through to final production tools with production in a BRC/IoP accredited factory using modern class leading Vacuum Forming Machines. This allows Charpak to control both timelines and keeping our tooling cost effective.