Food & Drink

Charpak was one of the first packaging companies to obtain the BRC/IoP Technical Standard (Grade A) for direct contact food packaging which is now demanded by all the major supermarkets and retail chains.

Packaging is what sells your product – if it looks good people will buy it – Charpak has a team of designers that know the market, we know what is trending and what the new trends are going to be. This is backed up by our subscription to market information from specialist companies like Mintel. Charpak will examine trends and design packaging that works for this. We work alongside our clients to ensure that our designs work with their process to maximize profits for all.

In todays ever changing market with the major retailers’ demands and lead times shortening. Charpak is well placed to service you to your timescales. Charpak designs and produces all tooling in-house, this gives us and you control of the process to your deadlines. Our development process from initial drawing to final tooling are industry leading.

Apart from a wide range of innovatively designed premium food packaging, many of which are in the big four, Charpak also designs and produces cost effective packaging for seasonal products - with the lower quantities involved - including Valentines, Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

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