Charpak design and manufacture products using an extensive range of plastics materials.
Charpak manufacture predominantly from clear and black rPET.

All materials Charpak use are produced from either a recycled grade plastic, or are fully reusable or recyclable.

We mark all manufactured products with the correct recycle / material code to aid the recycling process.

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Sustainability is key for us as a business, whether this is through the use of recycled materials, Bio materials or through newly developed Biodegradable products.

  • It is vital when assessing materials and substrate capabilities, the process is addressed from full Lifecycle Analysis.
  • Lifecycle analysis includes:  assessing the manufacturing process, the base material, distance travelled, water usage, end of life usage and reusability, including recyclability or compostability.
  • Charpak offer closed loop recycled materials - with 100% traceability of material.  Charpak can control the product quality based on the clients' requirement of plastics source.
  • With over 30 years' experience in the plastics industry Charpak provide expert technical advice for the most suitable materials to meet your product requirements.

To determine clients' correct technical specifications and materials requirements the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will make recommendations based on: pack style, thickness of micron, type of environment the packaging will be used in, desired price point, and any other relevant secondary packaging considerations. 

The types of plastic materials are explained further below.  Simply click on the plastic category name for more information. 


Type of Plastic


Common Uses


(Polyethylene Terephthalate)

PET based products include:

Clear, tough, solvent resistant barrier to gas and moisture.

Softens at 80°

Widely recycled

Soft drink and water bottles
Biscuit trays and containers

Charpak products:
Food packaging, plastic pots, containers, transit trays, plastic trays and moulds



(Polyvinyl Chloride)

PVC-U is unplasticised PVC and is strong and tough.

PVC-P is plasticised PVC and is flexible, clear and Elastic


PVC-U – Cosmetic containers
Plumbing fittings.

PBC-P – Garden hoses
Cable sheathing

Charpak products:
Some clam packs and market specific heat sealed trays





Hard but flexible, waxy surface, softens at 140°C


Bottles and icecream tubs
Crisp packets
Garden furniture
Packing tape

Charpak products:
Moulds and microwaveable products



PS is clear, glassy, rigid, opaque, semi-touch and softens at 95°C.

PS-E is expanded polystyrene


CD cases, plastic cutlery

Foamed PS – takeaway containers and insulation

PS-E – packing peanuts

Charpak products:
Tearable moulds, confectionery trays and chocolate packaging


(Often Polycarbonate or ABS)

All other resins and multi materials (such as laminates).

Properties dependent on the particular plastic

Commercially recyclable

Automotive and appliance components