Corporate responsibility and sustainability of packaging is core to our business. 

All materials Charpak use are produced from either a recycled grade plastic, or are fully reusable or recyclable.

We mark all manufactured products with the correct recycle / material code to aid the recycling process.

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Charpak use recycled plastics for the vast majority of products we manufacture. Charpak's ethos includes minimising the environmental impact of plastics.

We see packaging reduction as positive for our business. Using recycled and recyclable material is more sustainable both in terms of carbon footprint and for the environment.

  • As part of Charpak's commitment to sustainability skeletal waste is granulated to minimise wastage and environment impact.
  • FACT:  The energy cost of producing a tonne of recycled rPET is one third the recycling cost of a tonne of Carton Board. Recycling plastics also saves fossil fuels used as a raw material with the attendant carbon saving.

Find out more about the materials Charpak use in manufacturing client solutions.

For over 10 years Charpak has been working with DEFRA, the Government and Trade Bodies.End of life considerations during the design and production process include closed loop recycling or secondary home use. 

You can view or download our Environmental Policy here.